Ultra-Bright Epoxy Resin for Perfect Wood Table | Wood Epoxy, Clear Epoxy Resin

Brief Description:

● Deep casting Epoxy resin can be widely used for river tables, coffee tables, lamps, big crafts and gifts etc.

● Mix equal amounts of Part-A side and Part-B side (2:1 mix ratio) by weight.

● Dely epoxy resin and hardener is clear, low viscosity, nature defoaming, super transparency and good performance after mixed.

Introducing our premium DL2118 epoxy resin, a product uniquely designed to bring an irresistible charm to your wood tables and other creations. This clear epoxy resin, known for its deep pour feature, offers you the chance to create high-quality river tables, side tables, coffee tables, benches, stools, consoles, shelves, lights, and other craft gifts.The DL2118 epoxy resin is more than just an epoxy adhesive or a simple epoxy glue. It's a 2-part deep pour, a characteristic that allows it to fill very large voids in raw wood slab tops effortlessly. This unique trait makes it a great epoxy set to own, especially if you're passionate about creating standout wooden masterpieces.This product comes in a 3 kgs kit or a 15 kgs kit depending on your need, and we also offer OEM & ODM services for your convenience. With its clear and anti-yellowing feature, this epoxy resin will maintain the natural look of your wood products, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for a long period. Its incredible quality is also apparent in its main raw material—epoxy, which promises a longer shelf life of 12 months.Our epoxy resin isn't just about functionality, it also provides an aesthetic appeal, accentuating the features of your wooden products. It's an epoxy coating that works wonders on objects, highlighting their natural beauty while still providing essential protection. Its use extends to creating crystal clear wood epoxy countertops that are both visually appealing and durably strong.

Quick Details

Model Number: DL2118

Type: Liquid

Mixing Ratio: A:B=2:1

Packaging: 3 kgs kit,15 kgs kit,accept OEM&ODM

Feature: Clear, Anti-yellowing,No Bubble

Color: Clear

Main Raw Material: Epoxy

Shelf life: 12 Months

wood table epoxy resin (4)

Crystal Clear Wood Epoxy Countertops 2 Part Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

DL2118 epoxy resin is designed to be poured thick and works amazingly for filling and thick pours on very large voids in raw wood slab tops,such as river tables,side tables,coffee tables,benches,stools, consoles,shelves,omplements,lamps,lights,craft gifts and soon.

Epoxy resins are a two-component system consisting of resin and hardener,mix equal amounts of Part-A side and Part-B side (2:1 mix ratio) by weight. It is designed to be slow curing so the heat will not be generated and “over cook” the epoxy.

You can use the metallic powder additives,glitter,mica,or base color tints to color and tint our resin.With a longer cure time which can cause the metallic powders to settle,look softer and more toned down.


Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear
Viscosity (25℃) mpa.s3000~5000300~600
Mixing ratioA: B = 2:1(weight ratio)
Hardness(Shored D)85~88
Hardening conditions25 ℃×12H to 24H or 55℃×1.5H (2 g)
Working time (25℃)60~90min
Shelf time12 Months

We offer Crystal clear epoxy resin used by professions for over ten years. We have customized formulas created for river tables, wood coatings, marine & boat restoration and jewelry casting to name a few.

We start with highest of quality materials and even have a pain stakenly quality control checklist. Then, we only mix our customized epoxy resin based on orders.

The Epoxy Resin Store Formulas are is chemically engineered to offer the most efficient yellowing protection on the market. Our advanced UV stabilization additives provide superior, long-term clarity.

Product Name:Epoxy resin

Mixing Ratio:2:1


Shelf life:12 Months

Usage:For Wood Tables, Floor

Logo:As Your Design

Industrial Use:Construction, Woodworking

Origin:Hangzhou Zhejiang


Place of Origin: China

Brand name: Dely

Certification: ISO 9001

Epoxy resin Daily output: 10000kgs

Our Advantages

1.DELY clear and transparent epoxy resin AB glue for table, floor ect. made from 100% epoxy resin and do well in adhesive.

2.Good at UV and yellow resistance, self leveling, without bubble, high brightness.

3.Can be cured at normal temperature or by heating.

4.Clear, low viscosity, nature defoaming, super transparency and good performance after mixed.

5.Can get any color you want by add pigments.

6.Easy to clean and repair.

Payment & Shipping

● Minimum Order Quantity: 3

● Price(usd):

● Packaging Details: normal export packaging

● Supply Ability:50000kgs

● Delivery Port :Ningbo/Shanghai

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  • So, whether it's for wood epoxy, epoxy coating, epoxy adhesive, or epoxy glue, the DL2118 epoxy resin is your ultimate choice. Create stunning epoxy countertops, tables, and numerous other wood products with this exceptional blend of durability and beauty. With the high-quality and versatile DL2118 epoxy resin, your possibilities are endless. Enjoy the flexibility of using this epoxy set in various ways and watch your creations come alive with an undeniable charm that only clear epoxy resin can offer. Don't just make it, make it spectacular with DL2118 epoxy resin.

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