Unmatched Clear Epoxy Resin: Bubble-Free, High-Quality, and Affordable

Brief Description:

Model name:DL2119


● clear epoxy resin

● 1:1 bubble free epoxy resin for jewelry.2 part, epoxy resin and hardener

● No toxic Crystal Clear epoxy resin, it’s anti-yellowing, bubble free, high hardness

Dive into the world of creativity with Deli's Clear Epoxy Resin, the perfect solution for your artistic endeavors. As a leading epoxy resin supplier, we present you with a bubble-free epoxy resin that has been designed meticulously to cater to the demands of jewelry making enthusiasts and professionals alike.What sets our product apart is its bubble-free nature, designed to give you the smoothest finish possible. Our two-part epoxy resin consists of both epoxy and hardener components, ensuring a 1:1 volume ratio for an optimal chemical reaction. Despite being a cheap epoxy, quality is never compromised; its hardness reaches 80-85 on the Shore D scale, offering a hard, durable finish.The clear epoxy resin offers an incredible working time of 20-30 minutes, giving you enough flexibility to perfect your craft. This coupled with a full curing time of 12-24 hours, positions our resin epoxy as a top-notch product within the hands of artists and hobbyists.This super clear epoxy resin is not only easy to work with but also guarantees a flawless, transparent finish – an ideal attribute for preserving the true beauty of your artwork. Available in different volumes (250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L), it caters to both small-scale and large-scale requirements.

Quick Details

Product name:bubble free epoxy resin

Mix ratio:1:1 by volume


Component:AB type,epoxy+hardener



Working time:20-30min

Full cure:12-24h

Hardness(shore D):80-85


Clear epoxy resin bubble free epoxy resin for jewelry making

1.DELY DL2119 epoxy resin clear and transparent epoxy resin AB glue for craft, table,floor ect. made from 100% epoxy resin and do well in adhesive.

2.Good at UV and yellow resistance,self leveling,without bubble,high brightness.

3.Can be cured at normal temperature or by heating.

4.Clear,low viscosity,nature defoaming, super transparency and good performance after mixed.

5.Can get any color you want by add pigments.

6.Easy to clean and repair.

It can be widely used for all kinds of crafts making, such as necklace pendent bracelet,earrings, and can be applied to the coating of signs, cards, signage, nameplate,lamp potting and mold filling, etc..


Product Name:Bubble free 1:1 epoxy resin

Type:Epoxy resin+hardener

Color:Clear epoxy resin



Logo:As your design

Industrial Use:Jewelry factory

Origin:Hangzhou, zhejiang


Place of Origin: China

Brand name: Dely

Certification: SGS REACH ROHS ISO9001

Epoxy resin daily output: 10000ton




·Bubble free

·100% Solid

·Crystal Clear

·VOC Free

·Solvent Free

·Thick Pour 3-5cm in one time

Payment & Shipping

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set

Price(usd): 5.18-8.06

Packaging Details: export packaging

Supply Ability: 50000pcs

Delivery Port: Ningbo


DL-2119 clear epoxy resin is unique and transparent epoxy resin AB glue.

1.Yellow resistance,self leveling,without bubble,high brightness.

2.Can be cured at normal temperature or by heating.

3.Clear,low viscosity,nature defoaming, super transparency

4.Can get any color you want by add pigments.

5.No ripple,bright in surface,odourless,eco-friendly,nontoxic,waterproof and so on.

Super Clear Epoxy Resin

High transparency

High hardness

Yellow resistant

No bubbles


High quality

High hardness


Mainly used for crafts and jewelry making;

We could custom the epoxy resin as you want ,like the hardness, viscosity ,clear,etc.

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